Westminster Bangladeshi Association

Background Styler

Chairperson Mr Mohammed Janal

The Chairman of this organisation is a very experienced person in the field of community relations. He has been involved in community activities since 1995, bringing together different cultures, understanding the needs of the communities irrespective of geography or sectarian differences he is dedicated to serve the communities and always shared vision amongst all to help and develop our community.

 WBA established by a small group of individuals including the Chairman who wanted to put their own experiences in to use for the betterment of the community. Mr Janal is a well-known person in the community, who has residing in Westminster for the past 30 years and well connected to many dignitaries, politician, organisations and local authorities

 Mr Janal has studied in both Bangladesh and the UK and can comprehend the importance of education and social wellbeing. He incorporates BME communities and their way of life with the culture in Westminster through the activities and projects conducted by WBA.